Chauffeur service Benefits

Chauffeur service Benefits

Time Saving

Book an appointment to save time. Our chauffeur can pick you up on time and deliver you to your meeting locations without wasting time looking for parking or airport transport if you schedule your meetings in advance. You can talk to your co-workers about your company’s ideas in the back seats while you travel.

Best Chauffeur Service in Dubai

The Best Chauffeur Service in Dubai is offered by Diamond Chauffeur. We have skilled and experienced event chauffeurs available. Our mission is to offer our customers the highest caliber, most effective services. Chauffeurs are knowledgeable about locations, routes, and navigation. Knowing that your driver is aware of your location and will pick you up on time will make you feel comfortable and protected.

To enhance their customers’ experiences, they are happy to fulfill their wishes. Additionally, if you want your chauffeur to stand out and represent your organization, they are happy to wear your uniform or insignia. They will apply decals to the designated car of your business or brand.

Chauffeur in Dubai

Daily, weekly, or monthly chauffeur in Dubai services are available from us in Dubai. With just one phone call, you may effortlessly hire our chauffeur in Dubai driving service. Our drivers are friendly and well-mannered. Most of them have been operating vehicles on Dubai’s roadways for over ten years.

Diamond Chauffeur

Diamond Chauffeur Tourism Transport Service Dubai strives to offer the best transportation to all tourists while maintaining the highest level of quality service that values comfort, trust, and safety. We have continuously sought for the best-experienced drivers in the business to help us accomplish our mission. To assure that every passenger traveling utilizing our service does so safely and securely, we regularly examine our vehicles and run driver training programs. We use the most cutting-edge computer and communication technology. Both while making a reservation and when riding in one of our vehicles, our operating staff is available to offer all of our guests quick and prompt service. The fleet, client, and geographic horizons of our business are all expanding. Our ability to meet the transportation needs of our broad clientele is growing. One of the reasons our customers keep returning to us time and time again is that we strive to offer the greatest service at the lowest pricing.

Online Chauffeur Booking in Dubai

We offer Online Chauffeur Booking in Dubai very easy to book a car online. Our services are available at any time for our valued customers.

Experience with Luxury Cars

During your visit to Dubai, you can travel in luxurious and comfortable cars for less money by paying just a nominal transfer fee.

Rent a car in Dubai

You can Rent a Car in Dubai thanks to our affordable prices and round-the-clock client care. Our automobile rental services are available to both locals and tourists. You’ll get exclusive deals.


Dubai Chauffeur Services in Dubai

The lowest cost

because fuel prices recently increased. Due to the fixed one-way fees you pay us, our services are more reasonably priced.

Our packages include everything with the car, chauffeur, toll gate, fuel, and parking fee whether it’s an hourly or full-day tour.


After a long flight, a meeting with a client, or if you are on vacation, we can meet your transportation needs with a variety of luxury automobile options and courteous, knowledgeable drivers that are always on time.


Customize your journey to suit your preferences, take a backseat, choose your own routes, and maintain control. Your car’s interior temperature and music streaming. In the back seats, take your time and savor the first-class decor. Impress your clients with first-rate city mobility. With our fleet and hospitable chauffeurs, you may travel in comfort, safety, and dependability.

Enjoy Your Trip with Diamond Chauffeur Tourism

Diamond Chauffeur Tourism will be your first choice for a chauffeur in Dubai whenever you return. Since we have years of expertise working with tourists, groups, tours, and city residents, you won’t be able to find a better transport service anywhere in the city.

We are ready to help you in creating custom tour packages that will save you time, money, and effort. The finest luxury transport chauffeur service in Dubai is provided by our professionally trained personal drivers and office employees.

Airport Limousine Service in Dubai

Hire one of our luxury cars, Airport Limousine Service in Dubai, to get to your destination from the airport in comfortChauffeur Car Hire in DUbai and style. We will be there before you arrive and strive to make your travel time enjoyable and free of delays.

Luxury Transport Service in Dubai

Diamond Chauffeur Tourism offers the best Luxury Transport Service in Dubai. Our goal is to provide the best transportation service to all visitors to Dubai.

Luxury Car Service in Dubai

We Provide Luxury Car Service in Dubai with a chauffeur. Our aim is to offer the best transportation service to all visitors visiting Dubai.

Mercedes Chauffeur Service in Dubai

Dubai’s top Mercedes Chauffeur Service in Dubai is offered by Diamond Chauffeur. Use our Mercedes with the chauffeur for a more relaxing ride to and from Dubai International Airport. You can enjoy the view from the panoramic sunroof by reclining your seat, shutting off the engine, and doing so. The free in-car Wi-Fi we offer is another option for staying connected. Ensconce yourself in the plush leather seat and adjust the ambient lighting.

Chauffeur Service in Dubai

Our Chauffeur Service in Dubai experiences your journey with our professional drivers. Who are familiar with all local roads, sit in the back seats, and remain confident in our service. Saving time and enjoying a stress-free journey. With just one click or phone call, you can test drive any of our luxury sedans or SUVs.

Frequently Ask Question

Why should I rent a car in Dubai?

Whether you are visiting or living here, automobile rentals can aid you in any situation. Because renting a car makes it simple to travel anywhere and experience the opulent lifestyle of Dubai. As a result, you may simply rent a car in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE depending on your needs and budget.

What type of driver’s license is required in the UAE? Can I drive with my international license?

To drive in the UAE, all UAE resident visa holders must obtain a valid UAE driver’s license. GCC nationals on a visit/transit visa in the UAE can rent and drive a car only if they have a valid GCC driving license. Finally, foreign tourists from countries other than the GCC must have a valid international driving license in order to drive legally in the country.

When will I receive my security deposit?

The security deposit will be released 30 days after the car is returned in the manner in which it was paid.
This is not applicable to all customers, such as Pre-Auth blocking Security Deposits.

What are the terms of payment?

We take debit and credit cards as well as cash.

How do I start making bookings?

You can use an easy-to-use website. By email, phone at +971 4 558 2322, or WhatsApp at +971 4 558 2322