Memorable Dubai City Tour


Discover Dubai: Where Tradition Meets Modernity on Our Unforgettable City Tour!

Dubai is located in the heart of the Arabian Desert. Its mesmerizing landscape of dunes meets the endless sky. You must book our services at UAE Book a Car for memorable Dubai tours.We promise to provide the mesmerizing experience of Dubai tours covering the city’s renowned cultural and innovative landmarks. Moreover, our car rental services for Dubai tour complement your most awaited visit.

What Dubai City Tours Packages Are We Providing?

You can discover the wonders of Dubai with our diverse range of city tour packages, all designed to showcase the city’s cultural richness and modern architecture

1: Availing Luxury Dubai City Tour

To upgrade your Dubai experience, you must find rent services that provide luxury yet affordable services. Yes, you read it right. Knowing our client’s demand, UAE Book a Car provides luxury visits in an affordable range. 

Select your desired option and search city tour packages according to your needs. We design your tour with luxury and convenience at a competitive price.

dubai car rental service -with or without chauffeurs for family tours in dubai
Dubai Cultural Tours for cultural sites & dubai's heritage sites to get you near to essence of dubi culture.

2: Booking Of Tailored Dubai City Tour Packages

Not all customers desire the same type of tours. Therefore, it becomes a big concern for travelers to find the best suitable city  visits. So, do not worry; we provide car renting services tailored to your requirements. 

Whether you want to see a cultural mix or architectural innovations, we’ve got you covered. Indeed, the best traveling experience includes unwinding the city’s hidden treasures for a fruitful journey.

Starting Classic Dubai Tours in Unique Way

Start your classic tour in Dubai to experience in unique way by booking our Dubai classic city tour tickets. Just ready yourself for the most awaited journey and capture the enchanting places like the Burj Khalifa, AlFahidi District, and Dubai Creek. Remember to search for options that cover all these areas in one go. So, go and book your Dubai classic city tour tickets today and explore the city’s rich heritage.

Awaiting Dubai's Urban Wonders In Dubai Tour

Take your time with Dubai’s urban wonders and arouse your curiosity. Hire professional yet reliable city tour services to quest your inner admirer. Therefore, take advantage of hassle-free services at the suitable city tour Dubai price

Start your classic tour in Dubai to experience adventures with our classic city tours. Just ready yourself for the most awaited journey and capture the enchanting places like the Burj Khalifa, Al Fahidi District, and Dubai Creek.  Book your Dubai classic city tour tickets today and explore the city’s rich heritage.


Spotless & Clean Cars

Keeping in mind the Dubai roads and transport rules, providing spotless and clean cars hit our priority list

Safety & Luxury

Your luxury and safety is guaranteed with UAE Book A Car. Our cars offer the safest and comfy rides in the glamorous Dubai.


We feel pride in being the most budget-friendly van rental Dubai service that offers the best at modest rates.

Wide range of Fleets

From economic to business class, luxury minibusses, and supercars, you can enjoy the most updated model with us.

Award Holder

Our award-winning services will never let you lag and will make you sit with swag.

Baby Seats

To free from carrying the babies inside, our baby boosters and child seats are available.

Luggage & Suite Cases

There is always more to accommodate your baggage. You and your baggage are in safe hands.

Book within Mintues

Our booking system is very simple, secure and reliable. You can book your required vehicles with us on a phone call, sending us your requirements in email or by filling quotation form on the website.

Skillful Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are highly professional, friendly, and certified with authorized centers. Having our chauffeurs to drive, you just sit back and make memories. You are safe with us!.

Frequently Asked Questions

By booking our city tour packages, you can make your city tour adventurous in Dubai. We provide tailored services, too, to make your experience a memorable one.

The estimated Dubai tour package price depends on different factors like the duration and type of tour. Moreover, you can get pricing information on our website for different tours.

Yes, we provide daily tours in Dubai. You can check our tour schedule to join us. Also, remember to select your booking date to make a reservation. Moreover, we are providing a Dubai full day tour.

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